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Office On-the-spot Skip Collection

If you are managing an office and need a skip, let take the hassle out of loading. Our staff provides the loading labour if required! Once the truck is loaded, we take the waste away immediately, so you can get on with managing your business. There will be no skip outside your door.

Of course, all collected items are securely destroyed (computers) and recycled.

Loading waste furniture
Clearance of office rubbish
Small Skip Volume

​​The volume of a small skip is 2.5 cu.yd., or 1.9 Our standard price is €175.- plus VAT.

Loading office rubbish
Midi Skip Volume

​The volume of a midi skip is 4 cu.yd., or 3.1 Our standard price is €275.- plus VAT.​

Loading office chairs

Standard Skip Volume
The volume of a standard skip is 6 cu.yd., or 4.6 Our standard price is 375.- plus VAT.​​

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